Baily Raabe & Associates dates back to 1983 as a division of Halliwell & Associates called Professional Risk Management Consultants (PRMC). It was established to provide the Western Pennsylvania business community with an impartial consulting firm specializing in the risk management field.

After a series of mergers through the late 1990's, the parent company was going to be purchased by a large property and casualty insurance broker. It was a crossroad for PRMC as the merger conflicted with our philosophy to be unaffiliated with any insurance companies or brokers. This was the catalyst for Baily Raabe & Associates to be formed in July 2000. This separation allowed the company to maintain its core philosophies which it was founded on 17 years earlier.

To this day, the firm continues to provide truly independent risk management services to clients who wish to utilize unbiased professionals with absolutely no ties to the property & casualty insurance distribution system. It is this experience, trust, and fairness that has allowed the company to maintain its excellent reputation.


Our fundamental objective is to utilize the risk management process to optimize the preservation of an organization's assets and earning streams from loss or destruction. Exposure to risk is controlled through application of various alternatives such as financing, elimination, reduction, retention, transfer and avoidance.

Risk management is a relatively new discipline which applies a logical and systematic approach to uncertainty regarding fortuitous loss. It involves identifying, analyzing, and evaluating the risks to which an organization is exposed and the development of the most advantageous method or methods of treating them.

Service Overview

  • Risk management due diligence reviews
  • Insurance program audits, including contractual liability analysis
  • Design, implementation and monitoring of risk management insurance programs
  • Manage RFP projects to secure competitive proposals for coverages and/or ancillary services
  • Broker/TPA selection analysis, including compensation evaluation
  • Captive and self-insurance feasibility studies and actuarial valuations
  • Self-insurance actuarial valuations
  • Rent-A-Risk Manager (retainers)
  • Litigation support