“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

― Stephen Hawking


Thank you for visiting our site to learn more about Baily Raabe & Associates. We hope you find that our history, experience, and philosophy is what you are looking for to help with your insurance or risk management.

Since 1983, our firm has provided independent risk management and insurance advice to small and mid-sized entities. We do not sell insurance, nor do we have any affiliations with insurance companies, agents, or brokers. All work is performed on a fee basis paid directly by our clients. No commissions or contingencies are accepted. It is only under these circumstances that we feel professional, fair, unbiased risk management advice can be provided. We provide objective information to make important decisions on your insurance and risk management program!

Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss how we may help or to request additional information.

What Brought You Here?

If you are here, there has to be an issue that your either not comfortable with, or simply do not want to deal with on your own.  Our clients were in that same position at one point and sought us out to help them through the situation.   Being in business for as long as we have been means the quality and committment is there to solve our clients' problems.  Don't hesitate....give us a call!

The Main Difference

We don't sell insurance

We don't work off of commissions

We are not associated with any insurance agents , brokers, or companies.

One interest....YOURS!


A professional handling the project on behalf of your organization

Due diligence by upper management to assess risk

A significant of amount of time is saved by having a professional in the industry conduct the project

More efficient use of premium dollars by handling risk in the best manner. 

Many others.........